Core Areas

  • Major Industrial Corridors

    Transform Milwaukee focuses on restoring economic vitality through public-private investments in the industrial corridors and surrounding neighborhoods connecting five major industrial cores:

    Five Key Strategies

    1. Use new and existing financing resources to expand business development and spur job creation.
    2. Make neighborhoods more desirable for housing and business development by reducing the number of foreclosed and vacant properties.
    3. Increase job training, skill enhancement and educational opportunities by fostering partnerships between state agencies and nonprofit community groups.
    4. Prevent future flooding by developing alternatives to storm sewers, such as bioswales or stormwater runoff conveyance systems.
    5. Direct resources to establish intermodal transportation infrastructure – water, air, rail and highway systems.

    Expected Results

    • Improve the city’s unemployment levels by creating thousands of construction-related and other permanent jobs
    • Diversify and strengthen local property values, housing stock, retail businesses and manufacturing facilities
    • Remediate longstanding flood issues to help rebuild confidence in Milwaukee’s storm water management
    • Unite transportation networks to boost the shipment of Milwaukee goods and commodities to national and global markets
    • Decrease the city’s reliance on social service assistance while increasing state and local revenues