The Transform Milwaukee Strategic Action Plan represents a different approach to the way many large scale urban plans are developed and used.

Strategic Action Plan

  • The Transform Milwaukee Strategic Action Plan (SAP) was an effort by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to take a strategic, aligned and integrated approach to connecting state human and workforce services and housing and economic resources to Milwaukee stakeholders.

    In 2013, WHEDA and WEDC contracted with a Consultant Team to develop the SAP. The Consultant Team, led by GRAEF, included Gruen Gruen + Associates, HNTB, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Prism Technical.  Together, the Consultant Team and staff at WHEDA and WEDC analyzed opportunities to build on other planning efforts and seek the joint collaboration and shared knowledge required to build upon Milwaukee’s stability and vibrancy.

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  • About the SAP

    Builds on past plans: This Plan is based on the review of existing comprehensive plans, neighborhood plans and other key planning documents.

    The following is a Searchable Database of the key planning documents broken down by categories of Clients, Plan Years and Geographic Focuses:

  • Begins with strategies: The Plan identifies actions that can be taken by WHEDA and WEDC to implement the Five Key Strategies of Transform Milwaukee.

    Previously identified boundaries & districts: The Transform Milwaukee process begins with predefined boundaries and districts – the Five Core Areas – which include The Corridor, Riverworks, Menomonee Valley, Harbor District and the Aerotropolis.

    Not a comprehensive plan:
     This Plan is not designed to make recommendations about changing zoning, a planning structure reserved for local government. Instead, it’s aligned with the City’s and Milwaukee 7’s plans, and does touch on land use and development recommendations that can enhance the long-term viability of the Transform Milwaukee area.

    It’s a next step: The Plan represents the first step in strategic planning efforts for WHEDA’s involvement in a subset of the state, and to outline its planned and thoughtful leadership within a particular place. It also aims to be easily readable and feasible for a collective group to carry forward.

    Guide to action: The purpose of this planning effort is to guide all stakeholders, public and private, in prioritizing their resources and investments for maximum impact.

    Seeks collaboration: This Plan seeks collaboration through Recommended Actions, which outline specific moves and key partners responsible for making these moves happen.

    Reflects current desires: The conditions in Transform Milwaukee change daily and this Plan looks at the needs and desires of Transform Milwaukee as of 2014. Through its design, the Plan will become a notch on a timeline through which we can measure local success.

    Spur creative solutions: During development, stakeholders collaboratively reached beyond administrative divisions, party lines, budgetary constraints, false assumptions and conventional practices – all to better the city of Milwaukee. To be truly transformative, readers are asked to bring a level of creativity and optimism that will foster meaningful decision making and tailored methods to implement actions.